NFTs ( on hold)

Blockchain and tokens create a game world that players really own. Almost every weapon asset is an NFT or token at launch, and the few that won't be tokenized in the future. Players can take their assets to in-game or secondary markets to exchange or donate them. Everything is in the hands of players or collectors!

With full ownership of their game assets, players control the game economy. The value of an asset is determined by supply and demand, and they are all controlled by show players interact with the game. Our goal is to create a foundation for a sustainable gaming economy in order to and her community could grow together.

There will be two types of NFTs in the game. You can choose the most preferred one or combine several at once. In any case, all options have their advantages.

1. NFT Arena

NFT arena is a great opportunity for early investors to become part of the project. After the launch of the game, each owner of the NFT will receive income, which is a percentage of all the battles that will take place in the game. There are three types of NFT arena:

Battle arena – basic NFT, the price rises from round to round.

VIP arena - for large investors, it costs higher and has higher profit.

Mystery box - a way to try your luck, the level of income depends on your luck

2. Game NFT

Game NFT can be used in the game.

NFT helicopter -The helicopter is the main armament in SkyBreakers. Helicopter NFT owners can receive tokens for each battle won on this helicopter. The number of tokens earned depends on the rarity of the helicopter. The value of each helicopter is determined by its rarity, armament, armor, engine and skin.

NFT weapons(rockets, missle, machinegun) allows to improve helicopters battle characteristics.

NFT engine allows to improve helicopters moving characteristics.

NFT armor allows to improve helicopters defence characteristics.

NFT skins allows to make a different visuals and get additional positive influence of defence helicopters characteristics

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