Litepaper, last updated March, 2024 is a mix of Arcade Simulator, Shooter, and Role-playing game (RPG). With this Arcade Simulator you intuitively operate a helicopter, perform complicated maneuvers and use various weapon systems to dominate in the sky. will be an "AA" game that is governed by players and token holders in real-time.

Robust modern weapon systems, high maneuverability, sturdy armor, and effective means of attack make combat helicopters an effective and intelligent weapon, indispensable in any modern military conflict. Military helicopters are designed to perform various combat missions: fire support, assault, reconnaissance, transportation, rescue, and many others. The availability and composition of the helicopter fleet largely determine the level of equipment of the armed forces of any country.

In the future, it is planned to add marine, military, and equipment controlled by a computer program (CP) or artificial intelligence (AI) to helicopters. These additions will establish a wide range of combat scenarios. In case a character that was created and controlled by a player successfully performs combat tasks, the player's rating increases, and he is promoted to the next rank.

RPG allows players to select different types of helicopters and configure them by increasing their combat capabilities. This accumulates selected characters' experience and generates in-game money for the player.

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