Gameplay Mechanics

The main peculiarity of a helicopter is that it can fly in 3 major directions with no restrictions: i.e., up/down, forward/ backward, left/right, make a U-turn and hover.

Helicopter control

The player can control the helicopter in two modes:



Types of ammunition

Each helicopter is equipped with three types of ammunition and heat traps:

  • Machine gun launches an abundance of bullets per second, with each making minor damage and can be overheated.

  • Rockets are launched in 4 and fly in a straight line, inflicting considerable damage when hitting the target.

  • Missiles – once the player has acquired the target, the rocket chasing the enemy launches.

  • Heat traps – when activated, they divert missiles.

Helicopter Tree

The game provides more than 30 realistic helicopter models with various modifications and 70 ammunition types. We plan to add 50 helicopters to the collection in the near future. You can overview all the helicopters in the 3D tree which includes their characteristics and descriptions.

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